♡ FAQ ♡

 How do I cut the lace?

Grab scissors and cut as close as you can to hairline, don't be afraid to cut a bit of hair off. Cutting off the visible lace showing creates a more natural appearance.


How do I put the wig on?

Put your real hair into a low bun or braid, and pin the hair as flat as possible to your head. Put your wig cap on, securing all of your hair inside. Next, brush out the wig and adjust the straps inside to a comfortable size for your head. Pull the wig over your wig cap, and align your hairline with the wig's.


What can I do to create a more natural appearance?

Dry shampoo will minimize any areas with excess shine. To open the hair part up a bit, tweeze the front to create a more realistic hair part. If you don't like a middle part, just pull the wig to one side for variation.


Can I wash the wig?

Yes! After 3 uses, wash the wig with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. After washing, brush the wig out and let it air dry.


Are the wigs heat friendly?

Yes! The fibers can withstand 350°F so feel free to curl and straighten your wig. However, the less you style your wig, the longer it will last.


What kind of wig is this?

 These are high end kanekalon fiber wigs, complete with a Swiss lace front, and adjustable straps inside the cap. Every order comes with two wig caps to keep your hair secure inside. 


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